Do you provide weekly lawn care services?

We only provide weekly and contract basis lawn care services for our regular maintenance customers.  Contact us for a quote today.


When is the best time to apply fertilizers and pre-emergent? 

This is a complex question with lots of variables but i will address this in a simple way.  We recommend a spring time application of pre-emergent weed killer during the month of February.  We also recommend a fall application of pre-emergent during the month of October.  The months in between, we recommend a fertilizer every 8 weeks.  A great, versatile fertilizer is 15-5-10 ratio for all purpose lawn needs.  Contact us with more in depth questions or guidance.  


Do you provide landscape designs for our project prior to installation? 

Yes, we provide a comprehensive analysis of your landscape for optimal plant selection and long term enjoyment.  We can deliver landscape designs within 2 weeks of the initial consult and can usually implement the landscape design within 2 weeks of our meeting.  


What areas do you serve? 

For lawn care services, we serve the south west fort worth area.  That is our bread and butter for maintenance and lawn care. 

For landscape services, we cover Tarrant county and east parker county.  


Do you do Residential or Commercial work?

We provide services to all types of customers.  We started off with residential lawn care services and have expanded to full range of lawn care and landscaping services.  We have recently added ground up services for large commercial properties throughout DFW.