Clearfork Lawn Care is pleased to offer two account service models: Contract and Pay-As-You-Go.  There are some important distinguishing service features and functionality of each account type. Below you will find the details on what services are included in each model.


Contract accounts are billed monthly at a formulated set rate of an all-encompassing service for a 12-month term. This account is more ideal for the customer who doesn’t want to worry about any work that needs to be done to their lawn as this account is year round with pre-scheduled visits and jobs at no request.


Pay-As-You-Go accounts are billed monthly at a price-per-visit rate for weekly lawn care visits with no term. This account is ideal for the customer who may maintain parts of their lawn care themselves or who prefers an a la carte style of choosing when and what type of service they’d like performed each month along with their weekly lawn care.

Click below to view our full Service Schedule Calendar to see the services we offer, when they’re performed, and recommended per account type.