Fall seasonal color (9/26/2016)


















Six strategies for managing fall leaves (10-21-2015)


How to Revive your St. Augustine Lawn(2-16-2015)

Pre-Emergent Application (2-2-2015)

Fall is here!

This is a great time to spruce up your yard with some fall colors.  “We’re getting to that point soon when we get a little rain and our night temperatures cool a little bit, it will be the perfect time for planting,” says Venderbeck.

And while pansies are a popular choice for this time of year, Venderbeck explains that the options for fall are far more robust. Click here to read more.





The upside to the unseasonal high temperatures this fall is that your leaves are still affixed to your trees.  But make no mistake: the leaves will come down.  And when they do, you’ll need a leaf removal strategy.  Leaving leaves (lol) on your lawn creates a breeding... Click here to read more.


As spring time is getting closer in North Texas, we are noticing our lawns turning green early.  How to prepare your St. Augustine Lawn for a beautiful summer. 

How to revive St. Augustine grass


If you're curious about how and WHEN to apply pre-emergent.  Check out this link for some professional advise. 

The best time to apply your pre-emergents is in early spring.  The last couple weeks of March is recommended.  Read the full article for best results. 

Link the Neil Sperry's Website here.

Winter Lawn Care Tips (1-27-2015)


It's August and your Lawn isn't looking so Hot


Hello fellow lawn care enthusiasts.  We have produced our first blog post content.  Below is a link to some winter time tips for having a beautiful lawn in the summer time.  Enjoy!

Winter Time Lawn Care Tips

In Texas we love to complain about the heat. It’s just what we do despite it being hot here since the beginning of time.  So while no one is surprised it’s hot, nor is anyone really enlightened by this information, it doesn’t stop any of us from pointing it out regularly.  Along with the intense heat, comes a host of potential lawn maintenance problems . . . Click link to read more.