Fall is here!

Believe it or not, fall is officially underway in Fort Worth.  Our friend Kimberly Gotcher, the Director of Marketing at Calloway’s Nursery, connected us with Wendy Venderbeck, manager of the Calloway’s location at Stonegate in Fort Worth for her take on what’s fresh for fall, how you can seasonally transition your yard, and what to consider when planning a fall landscape.

First, Venderbeck recommends homeowners access various elements of their homes and lawns. 

“You should take into account sun exposure, soil, how many hours of sun they actually get, and be prepared to amend the soil” says Venderbeck.  Also factor in sprinkler locations to ensure new installations are properly hydrated.

Outside of physical elements, timing and temperature are other important considerations for planting for fall.  The good news is, you have time to properly access and plan for your new installations.

“We’re getting to that point soon when we get a little rain and our night temperatures cool a little bit, it will be the perfect time for planting,” says Venderbeck.

And while pansies are a popular (and lovely) choice for this time of year, Venderbeck explains that the options for fall are far more robust.

“Pansies will go through the winter, dianthus, snapdragons, cabbage and kale, alyssum, are all great winter flowers. For fall, you’re pretty much open. Crotons and mixtures like Chrysanthemums, some of the winter flowers as well, those are all great things for planting this time of year as we head into fall and then winter shortly after. Almost any shrubs and trees are great for planting right now. The only trees and shrubs you want to stay away from are things that are truly tropical, like bananas. But for any of your trees and shrubs, this is the absolute best time of year for planting.”

So no banana trees. Bummer.

Need a little fall inspiration?  This Saturday, October 1st, Each Calloway’s location in DFW is hosting Fall Festival.  The event includes fall-themed activities, games, and treats for children and adults, and features a wide variety of pumpkins, gourds, and fall décor. For more information on Fall Fest visit the Calloway’s website.   

For additional information on how Clearfork Lawn Care can help you plan, prep, and plant for fall, please call us at 817.631.3241.