It's August and your lawn isn't looking so hot

In Texas we love to complain about the heat. It’s just what we do despite it being it hot here forever. No one is surprised it’s hot, nor is anyone really enlightened by the declaration of this information, but that doesn’t stop any of us from pointing it out regularly.  Along with the intense heat, comes a host of potential lawn maintenance problems, specifically dry, brown grass that, just a few months ago, was looking like a candidate for some kind of Lawn of the Month award. Clearfork Lawn Care would like to offer a few tips on how to prevent your lawn from drying out and what to do if it already has.

  1. Water deeply, not frequently:  Watering once or twice a week (at the most) deeply will allow the roots of your lawn to keep growing and remain healthy even if the top seems a little dry on the super hot days.  Watering too often can create a shallow root base that can dry up at a faster rate than a deeply rooted lawn. 

  2. Fertilize: Apply a high nitrogen, low phosphorus, and medium potassium fertilizer.  A 4-1-2 ratio will make for lush green blades while also stimulating root growth for a more hardy lawn.  (We get this may make your eyes glaze over, so call us for more info). Another way to keep the nitrogen on your lawn is to leave the grass clipping on the lawn to return the nitrogen from clippings.  Be sure to water after fertilizing to ensure you don't burn the grass.

  3. Keep mowing:  Growth in dry areas may seem to be stagnant, but grass must be kept at a manageable height.  Never remove more than one-third of the grass blade per mowing.  Mowing with dull blades also can cause the grass to dry out more quickly than with sharp blades.  Finally, avoid all traffic on the dry areas to allow it to recover. 

To be clear: a green lawn will not prevent anyone from reminding you it’s hot.  It probably won’t prevent you from pointing it out to everyone from the mailman to the receptionist at your dentist’s office.  But it will make all those people totally jealous of your green thumb.  If you need assistance in getting your lawn back on track, contact Clearfork Lawn Care for a complimentary estimate.