Commercial and Residential Services

Our name is a nod to our commitment to Fort Worth.  Founded in 2015, Clearfork Lawn Care is proud to serve the community we call home.   We offer a variety of lawn care and landscaping services to meet the needs of our friends and neighbors. 

It is true, you can not judge a book by its cover. Yet you can judge a property from its appearance. You can, because people do. Often. The reason is basic: stewardship of the outside reflects the character of what is inside. Whether adorning a household or a business, landscape design is the ultimate first impression, and first impressions count. Yes, a freshly cut and consistently irrigated lawn makes a huge difference. Clearfork Lawn Care, however, goes above and beyond these essentials to create not just a green space, but a vista in which the whole neighborhood can take pride.

Why Work with Clearfork Lawn Care?

  1. We provide a one stop shop for all of your outdoor services as shown below in our service offering.

  2. Our services are paired with a customer experience that makes you feel confident in our abilities, makes you feel that you’re heard and understood regarding your concerns and issues, and you will always know what the next steps will be before we get there.

  3. We understand that your landscaping is such an important part of the overall appeal of your home or business.


Landscape Design

Design Philosophy

+ Landscape Design Services

Clearfork Lawn Care looks holistically at each property. What is the look an owner is going for? How can we make it happen? This calls for a careful plan and arrangement of lawn, gardens, trees, pathways and lighting, to name a few components. In consultation with homeowners and property managers, we take a broad overview of the parcel and its environment, deciding on colors (green is a favorite!), symmetry, layout and function. Influencing factors include how much foot traffic (in addition to traffic in general) there will be; how child-friendly it should be; whether it stands out or blends in. Our landscape design services are as particular or as comprehensive as our clients require.


Landscape Construction

Implementation and Construction


Lawn Care

Weekly Mowing and Fertility Plan
Aeration, Verticutting and More

+ Lawn Care Services

It's in our name. Landscape design in Fort Worth TX means nothing without regular maintenance. The most beautiful home or statuesque office building can be made an eyesore by infrequent care or total neglect. A fixed fertilization schedule helps keep lawns lush and green. Weekly mowing projects neatness and good order. Annual or semi-annual aeration or verticulation promotes healthy soil, stronger roots and more vigorous grasses. Whatever the configuration of the residential or commercial landscape design, dependable lawn care makes all the difference in its public image.



Inspections, Repairs and Adjustments

+ Irrigation Services

As lawn care undergirds any landscape design, so irrigation supports lawn care. Basic to the healthy growth of grasses, plants, shrubs and trees, water--in just the right quantity--must be applied optimally for the flora to thrive...and impress. Clearfork Lawn Care works with customers on sprinkler system selection, installation and maintenance. In addition, irrigation schedules are carefully planned according to the needs of the vegetation.


Tree Care

Pruning, Trimming and Removal

+ Tree Care Services

Beautiful though it can be, grass is not all there is to landscape design in Fort Worth TX. In fact, Tarrant County has a large number of native species of tree, and an even larger number adapt to the soil with ease. Deciduous, evergreen and smaller ornamental trees each have a place on the land but that place is different for each building they surround. Providing decoration, contrast and all-important shade to the structure, trees--and their care, feeding and pruning--both beautify and protect the tract, its vegetation and wildlife. Clearfork Lawn Care tends to all trees on the property: trimming them, pruning them and (now and then) removing them. After all, even trees do not live forever.


Drainage Solutions


Sod and
Artificial Turf


Landscape Lighting

Design and Installation

+ Lighting Services

Why invest in the health and presentation of a landscape if people can only see it half the time? Exterior lighting conveys curb appeal and affords safety to those who come and go. It can spotlight, shadow or silhouette various features outside, including flower petals, tree bark texture or sculpture art. Our service aids in the design and installation of lights. Selecting objects or areas for light, deciding on angles and techniques, picking out the correct fixtures and determining the best power supply are tasks Clearfork Lawn care can assist with as owners conceive of a residential or commercial landscape design.


Stone Work and Pavers

Choose Clearfork

Addressing drainage issues, paving and masonry, plus artificial turf are also among the responsibilities we take on for our customers. We do excellent work in a wide array of tasks because landscape design services are more than mowing lawns. Call us and catch our vision.

Knowing trees, I understand the meaning of patience. Knowing grass, I can appreciate persistence.
— Hal Borland